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Redesign of Ichio Toda's Synth1

Zcash Explainer

Video Explainer of Zcash Installation Process

Vinyl Record & Sleeve Art

Personal Project | Created in Cinema 4D & Photoshop

Zcash Logo

Personal Project | Zcash Logo Redesign

Moss Side Food Festival

Visual Identity, Poster, Leaflet and Flyer

We Built This City

We Built This City Campaign T-Shirt

Brasil Geografia

Educational Mobile Game


6-Sheet Billboard for

Fairer Futures Report

21x21cm Brochure

We Are Visible

Social Media Banner for

RECLAIM Hope Animation

#RECLAIMhope Campaign Animation


I’m a Brazilian multidisciplinary creative based in Manchester. I am currently available for freelance and long term projects. If you want to discuss a new idea or you're interested in my work please feel free to email me at:


Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, 3D, UI/UX, Advertising, Branding, Visual Art